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Restricted Party Screening

Built-in restricted party screening helps strengthen compliance activities.


Restricted Party Screening (RPS) and Denied Parties Lists (DPL) are built into Visual Exporter as part of your export compliance workflow. As you build your shipments, screen the people you are doing business with to prove due diligence and stay compliant with international trade laws.

  • Screen against hundreds of government and international lists: Visual Exporter screens government and international lists, including OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control), the Department of State and Commerce, European Union (EU), United Nations (UN), and more.
  • Reduce false positives: Visual Exporter’s advanced search tuning and proprietary algorithms help reduce false positives without compromising compliance.
  • Leverage built in RPS compliance: In the event of a positive match, documents are automatically watermarked “ON REGULATORY HOLD” to indicate the transaction is on hold until the match has been resolved by authorized personnel.
  • Prove your due diligence: An audit trail of all your screening and compliance activities is automatically recorded.

In addition to restricted party screening, Visual Exporter’s built in compliance also alerts you if your exports are destined for a sanctioned and embargoed country, if licenses are required, if your classification codes are invalid, and more.

All partners entered as part of a shipment can be screened with a single click. Color-coded alerts indicate when a match is returned as part of the screening process. Bulk screening options are also available as part of the solution. 

Thanks to its integrated restricted party screening functionality, Visual Exporter helps you ensure you’re not missing crucial and important steps in the compliance and shipping process.

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