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Built-in VE Compliance Protection

Powerful trade compliance features, without impeding your daily operations.

Visual Exporter’s built-in trade compliance functionality helps you adhere to your regulatory obligations and avoid costly mistakes.

  • Integrated Restricted/denied party screening: Helps ensure you’re not exporting to a person, business, or country, or using a party in your supply chain, that is on a government or international watch list;

  • Classification codes (HS/ECCN/USML) validation: Assists in making sure your product classification codes are valid – at both, the shipment level and as part of your bulk item validation process;

  • Country verification: Warns you if the destination nation for your goods is under sanction or embargo;

  • License determination: Visual Exporter aids you in determining export license requirements, based on the attributes for your product;

  • Proof of due diligence audit trails: Automatically logs all your trade compliance activities, (who did what, why and when) so you can demonstrate your due diligence should the need ever arise;

  • AES self-filing and data validation: For single click submission of your AES/EEI entries, Visual Exporter checks to see if units of measure (UoM) are correct, and other AES required fields and values are present prior to transmission; the system also has built-in holds, and  blocks shipments with “on regulatory hold” watermarks and grays out the “AES Transmit” button;

  • AES proof of reporting: Stores your ITN (proof of reporting), logged and printed on your documents;

  • And more!

Visual Exporter automatically flags trade compliance errors and oversights, and provides you with timely alerts so you can address issues before they impact your shipments.

Intuitive workflows with simplified data entry screens save you valuable time, while behind the scenes, validations and checks keep you compliant. Enter data from a single screen, quickly build shipment documentation from saved shipment templates, and build your own useful database of export classifications for future reference.

With full visibility of export activities, you can manage your corporate and division-level shipment compliance from a centralized solution, to help ensure you are in control across operations – locally, nationally, or internationally.

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