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Single-click AES Submission

Visual Exporter can do your U.S. Export AES submission in one click.

There are only two reasons why exporters choose to self-file entries to AES:

•  To save on the fees charged by freight forwarders or brokers who submit on your behalf; and

•  For proof of reporting number to ensure they are adhering to export compliance requirements. 

Visual Exporter simplifies the process so that virtually anyone is able to file their own entries. Once you have completed your shipment, you just use the system’s AES button for a single-click AES submission. This may sound simple—because it is! To ensure your compliance and first-time acceptance by US Customs, Visual Exporter has a series of edit checks and data validations that happen prior to filing.

The system is also smart enough to know even when an AES submission is not required—i.e., for low-value shipment, destination countries that do not require AES, or routed transactions where the liability of filing is transferred to another party.

For shipments that do require an AES submission, and which pass the system validations and which are subsequently accepted by U.S. Customs, your AES confirmation number (ITN) is returned to Visual Exporter, recorded in the system for audit purposes, and subsequently printed on your export documents.

Need to complete a Shippers Export Declaration? Visual Exporter can also generate your SED form as backup or as information for carriers. What could be simpler?

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