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Simplified Data Integration

Straightforward data interfaces and business system integration.

Visual Exporter allows for integration of data from many sources— your internal accounting, purchasing, or order entry system(s), such as SAP, JDE, Oracle, BAAN, Microsoft Dynamics, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), and many other corporate, business, and legacy solutions.

Regardless of internal solutions being used, Visual Exporter helps link together different divisions, plants, and disparate locations.
We understand not every company can capitalize on an integrated process from day one. As such, we have made it even easier to get started by utilizing something every company has—Excel spreadsheets. You can upload:

  • Items to your item master file: where you can load, store, and vet the balance of your product’s customs compliance-related attributes;
  • Information for trade partners such as customers, suppliers, carriers: anyone involved in your export process and supply chain, and;
  • Shipment data: whether you have completed or partial data, or repeat information, you can load any shipment-related information to help expedite your export document creation process.

With Visual Exporter’s proprietary Data Integration Manager, integration is a simple process. Using a simplified data mapping methodology, our support team can quickly guide your IT personnel through the process of how to move your data from your systems to Visual Exporter.

Past experience with system integration projects can make people leery of the time this process may take, but our fast client on-boarding is proof that with a bit of focus and a straightforward XML format, integration can be done in days!

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