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Centralized, Shareable, and Secure

Export document creation, item data, and RPS compliance in one system.

Visual Exporter is meant to simplify and centralize your export processes and shipping—making it easier to keep an eye on your operations regardless of how many people, plants, departments, or locations are involved.

Online and easy-to-use, Visual Exporter centralizes your export procesess, from your documentation to your export data, to help ensure shipment information and forms are consistent, accurate, and up-to-date across your organization.

For item compliance, you can specify, vet, and store classification codes for export (and import) for multiple countries. The solution allows you to maintain short, long, and technical item description fields, apply other customs-related attributes such as ECCN, USML/ITAR, licensing, units of measure (pertaining to AES/EEI reporting), and attach documents pertaining to and supporting your item classification, descriptions, instructions, NAFTA or FTA eligibility (e.g., blueprints, product brochures, diagrams, FTA or NAFTA certificates). In storing this information, the Visual Exporter environment allows you to provide shareable access to the data.

For shipment compliance, when using the item data from your internal business systems or taking advantage of your Visual Exporter item master data, you can setup controlled and standardized export and document management processes, for consistency of your export processes across your operations. Regardless of who exports, logistics and compliance managers can control the process for both internal and external departments such as shipping, distribution or warehouse locations, manufacturing or packing plants—anywhere you have staff or related parties involved any part of the export process.

For companies with multiple divisions or subsidiaries, you can maintain a hierarchical control of your export processes.

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