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Visual Exporter is a one-stop process for export document creation and compliance checks.

Combine mandatory export declaration, documentation, and export compliance activities into one seamless workflow to save time and resources while greatly reducing the risk of errors.

Go Live In Days

Implementing software does not have to be a lot of work or a huge disruption to your business. We host Visual Exporter in the cloud and take care of all activation activities from deployment to support. You’ll see fast system activation, quick turnaround on data uploads, and easy training for any skill level—which means the typical new Visual Exporter client can have users up-and-running in days.

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Single-Screen Document Creation

Visual Exporter will help you and your team prepare and distribute multiple export declaration documents in a single step. With a wide range of available forms—including Bills of Lading, Shipper’s Letter of Instruction (SLI), Commercial and Pro Forma Invoices, Hazmat forms, FTAs, and more—Visual Exporter can assist in determining your required documents based on company defaults, particulars, and your shipment and item attributes. It automatically generates your forms including e-signature, logo, and necessary declarations.

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Centralized, Shareable, and Secure

Companies suffer when their export data is in different or disparate systems, shipping documents are created by various plants or other separate locations, or any of the work is being done manually. These can lead to mistakes and limit control of your corporate-level compliance responsibilities—such as correct export declarations, accurate classifications (HTS, Schedule B, ECCN, ITAR/USML), scattered audit trails from your restricted party screening done prior to export, or missed EEI/AES filings.

By bringing all your divisions, locations, or internal departments into Visual Exporter, you can manage your compliance and export declaration document creation in a centralized solution.

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Good for all Business Types and Sizes

Whether you are a small or single-location business, or a larger operation with multiple plants, divisions, and locations, Visual Exporter’s flexible design and user deployment options can help automate and streamline your export process, while allowing you to stay in control.

With many different employees and departments, ensuring that data is being used and shared properly can be tricky. Employees can often be required to “wear many different hats.” Visual Exporter will help operations, whether large or small, to stay compliant.

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Built-In Customs Compliance

Built as an integral part of Visual Exporter, the solution forces compliance checks. This helps protect your company against potential regulatory infractions and errors. Data verification happens at multiple points in the process—at the item level, when export documents are created, when restricted and denied party screening is performed on all entities and countries in your transaction, and upon pre-validation of your AES submission filing. The system will place any shipment “ON REGULATORY HOLD” until an authorized internal party can vet, review, and clear the compliance issue.

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Compliance Alerts, Work Queues and Activity Dashboard

We understand you need to be in-the-know every step of the way. Visual Exporter is configured to centralize at-a-glance metrics reporting, as well as compliance alerts and potential regulatory issues that may need your attention. Dashboards help to quickly and easily locate the source(s) of the problem—whether it be for a restricted party screening alert on an entity associated with a shipment, a potential sanction or embargoed destination country, a product license requirement, classification issue, or late AES submission.

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Simplified Data Integration

Through our straightforward and flexible proprietary Data Integration Manager, Visual Exporter enables the import of data from a variety of sources and locations. Choose from options to upload your items, shipments,  and trade partner information via Excel spreadsheets, or use a simplified XML format. Either way, you can speed up the data entry process and help automate feeds from your existing business systems.

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Single-Click AES Submission

Once you complete your shipment in Visual Exporter, the system allows you to seamlessly “self-submit” your AES/EEI entry to U.S. Customs via our secure AES portal. Our intelligent “single-click submission” process means your data is pre-validated prior to sending to AES, and your returned proof of reporting (or ITN) number is recorded for audit purposes and printed on your export declaration documents.

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