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Benefits for Companies of all Sizes

No matter your company's size, Visual Exporter helps simplify export compliance.

Depending on the size of your company, your business needs may be different. How a smaller company tackles export compliance can be far different than a larger one with a dedicated compliance department. Visual Exporter understands this—and delivers a solution tuned to meet the needs of companies of all sizes.


You don’t need to be an expert–Visual Exporter helps deliver confidence in your compliance procedures.

Visual Exporter intuitively determines which documents are required for a shipment based on destination.

Visual Exporter creates a single PDF document containing required shipping related forms, allowing for easy distribution.

You no longer have to maintain spreadsheets to track your goods—Visual Exporter’s intelligent Item/Product Master lets you specify and store classification codes (import & export) for individual countries, saving you time and effort!

Save on freight-forwarding costs! Complete AES pre-validation verification in Visual Exporter to help ensure AES acceptance. Utilize single-click AES submission to U.S. Customs for your U.S. origin exports.

A secure, web-based solution accessible from anywhere, Visual Exporter requires minimal setup and minimal disruption to your existing workflows.

Visual Exporter builds a database of your export information, and draws from it to help streamline the compliance process. Visual Exporter also integrates with your business systems, so you can leverage existing knowledge and data.

Detailed training and hands on customer-service is included as part of your Visual Exporter subscription, at no additional charge!



Visual Exporter is centralized, allowing all departments and employees to perform their export related tasks in the same system.

Visual Exporter tracks and stores the activities and actions taken by users, providing a high level of visibility, and creating an easily accessible defensible audit trail of compliance activities.

Standardized formats and pre-filled shipment templates mean company-wide documentation consistency.

User access levels can be customized to confirm who can add, edit, authorize, and release shipments, or submit to government authorities.

A dynamic dashboard provides a graphical overview of your export shipment logistics, and making it quick and easy to locate and manage your information.

Visual Exporter boasts robust compliance features, allowing you to force compliance checks against hundreds of national and international restricted, denied, and sanctioned parties, as well as country-level sanction and embargo lists and alerts.

Visual Exporter’s simplified data integration allows you to import data from a variety of sources. Choose from XML integration for a wide range of business system(s) or a simplified Excel upload for items, shipments, and trade chain partners.

Detailed training and hands on customer-service is included as part your Visual Exporter subscription, at no additional charge!

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